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Meet the team

Oudom started the Vicious Cycle in 2008 after meeting his now brother in-law who introduced him to recreational cycling. The team, including Rith - the Mechanic, Teh - the Shop Assistant and Chivorn - the Muscle are all long term employees which is a testament to the values of the business. In 2008, The Vicious Cycle was the first bike shop to offer professional bike servicing in Phnom Penh.

Oudom isn't a competitive cyclist, doesn't believe in expensive kit and gear and doesn't go on anything resembling a training ride. Oudom believes in cycling for everyone. He believes recreational cycling and cycling for transport should be mainstream. He feels in time, it will be again in a place where everyone rode a bike at one time or another.

You don't have to be a lycra-clad, expensive helmet-wearing, clipped-in, energy bar-chomping, gel-gulping, heart rate-monitoring, carbon frame-riding, attention seeking, too much money-having elite wanna be, to appreciate that a well maintained bike of any value is the most important aspect to a good ride.

Oudom and the boys want to help you go for a fantastic ride in Cambodia. They don't have twenty different styles of cycling shorts or ten different kinds of cycling computers, they just have one or two of everything you'll need for the ride. More than that, Oudom is a wealth of information and will happily share some of it if you rent a bike or buy a few items. That's the kind of bike shop spirit that the team aspire to.

So, the Vicious in Vicious Cycle? Well, it's a sort of ironic name. You needn't feel intimidated. Pay us a visit, stop in for a chat and have a ride in Cambodia.